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Classes and Community Events

Classes, community, and neighborhood events.


Media coverage, newspaper clippings, protest march videos - the uncensored, uncorporate version.

Breaking Ground

New developments, communities, and future projects.


Pictures of our developments, communities, families, and events.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about home loan qualifications, credit bureaus, subsidy assistance, and emergency shelter.


Links regarding affordable housing and legal and social services programs.



About UHP


TXS United Housing Program (UHP), Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) grassroots organization that was established in 1992. Originally based in West Dallas, UHP has grown into an organization that is present throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We have been meeting in recreation centers, churches, schools, etc., for the past 19 years.


Every family has the right to expect safe, decent, affordable housing in this country. It is obscene that in present-day society, obstacles and barriers still exit to impede, prevent, and destroy a family's ability to achieve safe, decent, affordable housing. UHP is a comprehensive outreach and educational program designed to assist low-to-moderate income families overcome the barriers, and achieve safe, decent, affordable housing.


The major components of UHP are:


  • Community Outreach
  • Community Organization
  • Housing Consumer Education
  • Screening Financial Assessment/Intake
  • Consumer Credit Counseling
  • Lending Coordination and Negotiation
  • Loan Monitoring
  • Lending Discrimination Education
  • Default Counseling
  • Advocacy Education
  • New Construction of Affordable Housing


Community outreach provides an extensive effort directed at low-to-moderate income families informing them of the possibilities of home ownership. Home ownership not only empowers and enriches the individual family; it creates community stability, pride, and secures a positive future for all involved. Home ownership breaks the cycle of perpetual dependency on tenancy, and enables the family to enjoy economic freedom.


Extensive housing and consumer education is a necessary component to achieve home ownership. Our program requires a minimum of twenty hours of classroom time, and an additional twenty hours of community service. Most families end up donating many more hours than required, and continue to donate on a constant basis for our community classes and events. The best teachers are those who have gone through the program and can share their triumph, tribulations, and accomplishments with others who are just beginning the process. UHP has helped more than 2800 families realize their vision of home ownership. We have seen and counseled more than 9000 families over the years.


UHP would like to see every family achieve the dream of home ownership. Unfortunately for some families, however, the harsh reality is that they likely will never qualify for a home of their own due to income restraints. A window of affordability has closed for many families to purchase a home of their own in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Our organization now works with the private sector to help provide Section 8 vouchers. UHP does not dispense or allocate vouchers. If you do not have a voucher, please refer to our link page and locate Dallas Housing Authority (DHA) and Dallas County Housing.


At the present time there is a freeze on most new vouchers, and at least a two-year wait to get one. This makes it next to impossible for the poor in this country to find safe, decent affordable housing. A large percentage of the families we now see are in this predicament.


Another viable alternative to provide safe, decent affordable housing come by way of tax credit properties which have allocation units set aside for the poor. Because of the great need to serve our clients who fall within this category, we will be making applications in 2012 for tax credit properties. Throughout the coming year we will be traveling throughout the state to help create affordable single-family homes in areas where there still exists the affordability factor.


UHP will continue to expand our efforts in our target communities in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. UHP will continue the creation of affordable housing units in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex where it is still available. We will continue to expand our educational programs, counseling, community activism, etc., at our community centers. Anyone and everyone are welcomed to attend our classes and community events. All counseling and services are provided for free. Our membership in this organization is also free. We have never charged $1 for membership dues.


At our community centers we focus on housing issues, and social issues that will impact our community neighborhoods.


This organization has and always will be one of activism and trying to achieve the delicate balance between equality and liberty. Whenever there has been an action against a bank, a city, a governmental agency, whomever we have always made an initial attempt to resolve things amicably through discussion and open dialogue. We have found out over the years that sometimes even through documentation and discussions equitable solutions were not immediately available. Thus, in those cases where we perceive a grave injustice transpiring, demonstrations and protests were initiated.


These actions over the years have produced very positive results. Lenders and cities were held accountable, and programs to help the poor were implemented and improved. The city of Dallas has expanded and improved their affordable housing products.


This organization has never taken one penny from any lender for administrative costs. So when critics accuse us of holding banks hostage for monetary gain, their accusations are absurd and baseless. Over our 19 years of existence, we have received a grand total of $10,000 from banks for our community events. We have received the total sum of $500 from Fannie Mae.


This organization is not government funded, however for our community center in West Dallas, we accepted UDAG funds.


Though UHP is not a faith-based organization, our members are very devout Christians. There is prayer and bible study in our centers. Our membership consists of African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Anglo-Americans who stay united and always strive to improve the quality of housing, education, and social programs for everyone in our communities.


Questions or comments? Use our contact page or email us at info@txsunitedhousingprogram.org

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