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Mailing Address: P.O. Box 153743
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4204 Tioga Street
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6539 Treetop Lane
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1122 N. Bishop Avenue, Suite A
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Phone: (214) 466-9322
Voicemail: (214) 453-4111
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Classes and Community Events

Classes, community, and neighborhood events.


Media coverage, newspaper clippings, protest march videos - the uncensored, uncorporate version.

Breaking Ground

New developments, communities, and future projects.


Pictures of our developments, communities, families, and events.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about home loan qualifications, credit bureaus, subsidy assistance, and emergency shelter.


Links regarding affordable housing and legal and social services programs.



United Housing Progam


TXS United Program, Inc. is a grassroots community organization started in 1992. We are a non-profit 501 (c)(3). Our organization is 97% minority based. United Housing Program is an organization that relies heavily on volunteerism, Everyone who benefits from our program must donate their time and services into helping others in the program.


Over sixty percent of our families are single moms. We have helped over 2,800 families realize their vision of home ownership. Over the past 19 years our organization has counseled over 9,000 families. We do more than build houses; we build communities.


Education and advocacy is paramount. A major portion of who and what we are includes activism. We uncover and protest injustices in the housing industry then provide equitable solutions. All housing programs are unique. We hope our program is a good fit; however, if we are unable to assist you, hopefully our website will point you in the right direction.



Questions or comments? Use our contact page or email us at info@txsunitedhousingprogram.org

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